Diversifying Your Online Marketing Efforts

online marketing

When marketing your products online for your automobile dealership, it is best not to put your trust into one product too much. Planning your online marketing strategies is going to take some creative thinking and diversification to get the best results.

Below are some ideas to help you in diversifying your online marketing efforts.  

Make A Connection With Your Online Leads

You need to ensure that you are making a connection with your online leads. You essentially have to keep track of when customers visit your dealership’s website via social media. This can be done by having an online signup page for customers to subscribe to so they can receive marketing emails and/or text messages. Having a call to action that will inspire them to download marketing information that your website presents them, which could, for instance, be a buying guide for the cars your dealership sells as well as any promotional deals that are available.

Social Media Pages Should Be Kept Current At All Times

Instead of trying to be on all the social media sites at once, try to keep your content focused on the most popular sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Do not allow content to become inactive on these sites. By doing so, you will give online guests the impression that your dealership is not interested in attracting new customers and is lethargic about business. The creation of an automated marketing solution will ensure your online pages remain up-to-date and allow you to focus on other areas of the business. Automated marketing allows you to create and schedule online posts and tweets to be posted during various times on the month, giving your dealership the image to online guests that you are on top of marketing and are a reliable online dealership.

Ensure To Deliver Useful Online Dealership Marketing Resources

If you want to be a proficient online auto retailer, you need to get your online customers involved by delivering them the most helpful, and pertinent information they require in their search for a dealership they can trust. Providing guests to your online site with the opportunity to sign up for useful emails from your dealership, which will give them a heads-up to any promotional offers that will be offered at the dealership. Also, providing them with coupons, tips for auto maintenance, news on the automobile industry, etc. Information is power, and the more your online customer are empowered with the information provided to them will ascertain your dealership the image of being an automotive specialist in the industry.

Respond With Rapid Replies To Any Online Comments

If you receive any sort of complaint or other online comments, you need to take them just as serious as you would a face-to-face one. Ensure to respond to any online comments, complaints, or issues in a friendly and professional manner. Avoid the temptation to argue with an online customer, as this has ways of coming back to disturb you and your dealerships in the future.

Collect Customer Responses By The Use Of Surveys

One of the most imperative ways to keep your dealership marketing strategies diverse is to ensure the collection of customers comments and responses through the use of online surveys. A customer’s input is the best way to know whether you are providing what the customer wants and needs. The use of online surveys is a good way to get an idea of what customers want in a manner that allows them to answer truthfully because of the anonymity of it.

When setting up an online survey, make the questions as easy and forthright as possible. Do not have any questions that appear to be ‘trick questions’. The more understandable the survey is, the better chance you will have to collect large amounts of data for your dealership to use as a marketing resource and tool.

Propose Sales And Special Promotions Online

Using your dealerships online web portal as a means of advertising special sales and promotions is an excellent marketing technique to get your current and future customers involved in the promotions you are having. Ensure to advertise special contests, money-saving coupon deals, and any other car sales opportunities that are going on at the dealership. Customers love saving money, and if your dealership has a lot of money saving opportunities, they are certain to visit your dealership over any of the other competing businesses.

Give Your Customers The Opportunity To Network With You Online

A good marketing strategy for building an association with current and future customers is to create an online networking opportunity. When communicating with customers online, particularly with social media, it is best to create a two-way communication between your dealership and the customers. You can start by posting an online question in the morning, allowing several customers the opportunity to answer during the day. A question such as “What songs do you prefer to listen to while driving your car?” The answers you might receive to this one simple questions can stir up and create all kinds of interesting conversation between other customers as well as for you to respond to.

When you respond to customer’s feedback on Twitter, ensure to use hashtags. Using hashtags allows you to provide pertinent information with a ‘#’ sign in front and a link that will take the customer to a site with helpful information they may be seeking about automobiles. When creating marketing diversity for your dealership, communication is always the key to show your customer’s just how dynamic you are in being involved in every aspect of the dealership.

Combine All Your Marketing Efforts

When planning marketing strategies for your dealership, it is important that those campaigns make the best out of your funding and determination. Post online signup opportunities for customers to inspire and enlist other customers to visit your website on social media so they can become a part of the dealerships online email marketing newsletters.

Have online social sharing and following opportunities, which permit a person who advocates your dealership to share content to an even larger audience. By allowing people to share information that is interesting to them with their friends and family will be an advantage to your dealership and ultimately the best marketing strategy of all.



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