Daily Newscast: Don Hall of VADA cautions dealers about Tesla


On Today’s Show, how to benefit from millennials’ online habits, OEM Headlines including why Honda is keeping production in North America to see how Trump handles NAFTA once in office, and how dealer associations are fighting back against Tesla


  1. Dig in all you can, but much as we may hate to admit it, we ARE a dinosaur, and this is a losing fight. Tesla’s direct-selling model is the future. Consumers will force the issue and the old-style dealer model is on its way out. TrueCar and similar services which do their level best to eliminate any commissionable profit from new car deals and KBB, et al which unrealistically inflate consumers’ trade-in expectations are already dismantling the traditional avenues for dealer profit. We’ve spent 100 years alienating buyers with a confrontational-by-design business model and they’re fed up with it and us.
    We railed and kicked and screamed when the internet forced us to change our selling approach, and we’ll rail and kick and scream about this (and I’ll be right there yelling with you), but change is coming, and we’re not going to like it.


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