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How to Out-Perform the Competition in Digital Retailing – Tim Cox | Social Media: The 5 Dos and Don’ts Your Dealership Marketing Team Needs | The Power of Feedback

Today on – Wednesday, May 29th, 2019:

newscastHow to Out-Perform the Competition in Digital Retailing – Tim Cox, CarNow
Digital Retailing is the latest and most talked about trend dominating the auto retail industry. But what does digital retailing really encompass, and how can your dealership out-perform the competition? Here to discuss digital retailing in more detail is Tim Cox, Senior VP of Sales and Co-Founder at CarNow. Tim gives us his own perspective on digital retailing and explains exactly what it is and what about it dealers should be paying attention to. Additionally he discusses trends within digital retailing as well as what consumers are saying about it. To hear more on these topics check out the full interview above. Watch Now

newscastSocial Media: The 5 Dos and Don’ts Your Dealership Marketing Team Needs
Connecting with customers via social media requires a different mindset from other forms of marketing because the goal is to create an ongoing two-way engagement. The challenge in putting the “social” in “social media” requires dealerships to find new ways to connect with their customers. This challenge, however, is also an opportunity to build value in the customer’s mind before they ever step foot inside the dealership. Read More

feedbackThe Power of Feedback
You head to the doctor and complain you are not feeling well. The doctor sends you for a battery of tests. You return the following week and you sit back with the doctor to review results. Then you notice a few things circled in red on the report. Now their feedback becomes more targeted. The discussion becomes more focused regarding your cholesterol being high. The questions begin to dive into what you eat, how you exercise (or not) and the doctor begins to map out what actions are causing these results. The next part of the discussion moves to specific strategies to create different outcomes. Read More

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