David Friedman (Consumers Union) Explains What CAFE Agreement Means for Automakers | House Repeal of CFPB Auto Lending Guidance Good News for Dealers


Today on CBT – Thursday, May 10th, 2018:

David Friedman (Consumers Union) Explains What CAFE Agreement Means for Automakers
In an article posted here on CBT News, we reported 17 states, including California, are now suing the Trump administration over recent actions by the EPA to reverse Obama-Era rules that would require automakers to produce car fleets that averaged over fifty miles per gallonDavid Friedman (Consumers Union) Explains What CAFE Agreement Really Means for Automakers. This action has set the stage for a major fight that could result in two distinct sets of emissions rules for automakers. Watch Now

How Commercial Sales Can Expand Your Profit Center
Fostering sales growth at your dealership is an ongoing endeavor. There are many strategies to increase sales and improve profits in your sales department. Most of these strategies focus around new and used retail sales. With competition continuing to heighten between dealerships, how can you differentiate and improve your sales? The most obvious answer is an aggressive commercial sales strategy. Read More

Reducing Waste and Increasing Sales: The Benefits of Predictive Analytics
Predictive analytics is one of the most intelligent ways to better utilize all the data dealerships are collecting. It reduces the amount of time wasted using multiple systems, taking a shot in the dark, and going on a hunch. Targeting a specific customer group or keep a particular part on hand can now be backed up by historical data. The excellent part is since these data points are dynamic and always changing with the customer, dealers can continue to stay on top of all changes. Read More


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