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F&I: Refining Your Best Practices, Menu Selling, and Current Trends – Becky Chernek | What Can a Board of Advisors do For Your Dealership? | Is There Still Value in Print Advertising?

Today on – Wednesday, June 19th, 2019:

newscastF&I: Refining Your Best Practices, Menu Selling, and Current Trends – Becky Chernek, F&I Trainer
Internal employee meetings are necessary for every business, and the dealership is no exception. And while there might be plenty of sessions for sales and service, when was the last time you had a meeting for the F&I staff? Here to tell us how you can revamp and re-invigorate your dealership’s F&I meetings is Becky Chernek. Becky is an F&I Expert, President of Chernek Consulting, and host of F&I Today right here on CBT News. Watch Now

newscastWhat Can a Board of Advisors do For Your Dealership?
When you think of a board of directors, you probably think of a big corporation with shareholders and responsibilities for reporting to the SEC.  While you are correct that most businesses do not require a board of directors, it does not mean that other businesses cannot take advantage of the benefits that come from a board of directors. To be fair, you don’t even need to call it a board of directors. You can call it a board of advisors, or an advisory board. The point is, every dealership could benefit from the differing perspectives and experiences the come from such a panel. Read More

newscastIs There Still Value in Print Advertising?
We’re well into the 21st century at this point, leading many to believe it’s time to ditch traditional print advertising. In this technology-fueled era, it appears as though most consumers turn to their phones, tablets, and assorted devices to research and make purchases. Common sense, therefore, dictates that the place to invest in advertising is in the virtual spheres of email, social media, and websites. However, before jumping onto the purely digital promotional wagon, there are a few things to consider. Read More

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