Broad-based Auto Tariffs Could Be Devastating to Economy – Cody Lusk, AIADA | Major Automakers Expanding Production in China | Auto Trade Associations Urge a Renewed Focus For NAFTA


Today on – Wednesday, July 11th, 2018:

newscastBroad-based Auto Tariffs Could Be Devastating to Economy – Cody Lusk, AIADA
Cody Lusk, President, and CEO of the American International Automobile Dealers Association, joins the CBT Automotive Network and explains everything surrounding the ongoing trade war with the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and the EU and how it will affect automotive dealers, manufacturers, and the American economy. Watch Now

newscastWhat to do if Your Boss is a “Bad Leader”
Not every boss will be your favorite, but that doesn’t make them terrible leaders. However, every so often you may find yourself working under someone who fits that bill. What do you do when your manager doesn’t know how to lead your team to success? Read More

newscastThe Benefits of Working in the Service Department
When asked what they want to be when we grow up, you don’t hear a lot of kids exclaiming “I want to work in the car business!” While a career in the car business may not be glamorous, it can be a great career with a lot of perks. Whether working in sales, parts, or service department, there are many opportunities for a satisfying career in the car business. While each department has its advantages, the service department offers great earning potential and has several benefits. Choosing a career fixing cars can bring steady income, job security, and great satisfaction helping others repair and maintain their vehicles. Read More


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