CBT Automotive Newscast for February 5th, 2020


Today on CBTNews.com – Wednesday, February 5th, 2020:

Dr. Shirley DavisWhat is Unconscious Bias and How to Prevent it from Disrupting Your Dealership Culture – Dr. Shirley Davis, SDS Global Enterprises
To combat unconscious gender and racial biases in the workplace, management must take deliberate action against them, or it could cause tremendous profit losses. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Dr. Shirley Davis, President, and CEO of SDS Global Enterprises, certified leadership coach, and Diversity and Inclusion global thought leader. Watch Now

Dr. Shirley DavisTrade-Ins in 2020
We all know what a critical role pre-owned sales plays in your profitability. Dealers all agree that we collectively need to do a better job of pre-owned sourcing in order to thrive in the most competitive automotive environment we have ever seen.  Everyone “agrees”, yet it is apparent when I’m with dealers in quarterly reviews, 20 group meetings, conventions, and in store, that Dealers are struggling to solve their sourcing problems. I hear the same things over and over, “we need better used cars”, “I can’t buy anything at the auction”, “we want to focus on buying cars off the street” and so on. Read More

Dr. Shirley Davis6 Strategies to Manage Conflict and Improve Working Relationships
Conflict among people is a tale as old as time. Much like any other business collective, automotive retailers can become gossip factories or feel like a battle ground where arguments and negative encounters between employees or with customers turns the dealership into an unhealthy environment. Read More


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