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Marketing Efforts Designed to Meet the Needs of Female Car Buyers | Keeping Online Communication Simple | Is There a Lack of Enthusiasm for Autonomous Vehicles?

Today on – Tuesday, August 21st, 2018:

newscastMarketing Efforts Designed to Meet the Needs of Female Car Buyers – Lisa Copeland
CBT Automotive welcomes back sales strategist and speaker, Lisa Copeland to the network as we discuss what your dealership could do to improve with attracting and selling to female car buyers. Marketing and selling to women shoppers continues to be a challenge for dealers everywhere, even though women buy 54% of cars in the United States and influence 84% of all vehicle purchases. Watch Now

newscastKeeping Online Communication Simple
Communicating with the online customer should be no different than when they’re in the showroom. There. Done. Period. I can stop writing now. But in reality, I can’t because for some reason businesses like to think online communication is different than face-to-face communication. Let’s walk through the confusion. Read More

newscastIs There a Lack of Enthusiasm for Autonomous Vehicles?
From Isaac Asimov’s short story Sally to the famous Batmobile, autonomous vehicles have captured the imaginations of many since the invention of the car. The idea of cars driving us where we need to go without the need of human intervention is a futuristic milestone, along the same lines as the hoverboards seen in Back to the Future. Read More

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