Marketing Efforts Designed to Meet the Needs of Female Car Buyers – Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland

CBT Automotive welcomes back sales strategist and speaker, Lisa Copeland to the network as we discuss what your dealership could do to improve with attracting and selling to female car buyers.

Marketing and selling to women shoppers continues to be a challenge for dealers everywhere even though, women buy 54% of cars in the united states, and influence 84% of all vehicle purchases.

According to Lisa, there is still a lack of marketing efforts that are designed to meet the needs of female car buyers. Most dealerships miss the mark when selling the experiential aspect and the importance of convenience to women. The reality is, that the industry is changing and so are the consumers who are making the purchases.

Lisa has spent her career within the automotive industry and through that, has developed a brand that every dealership can learn from. She now is taking her knowledge and passion for women in automotive to the next level by spreading the word and co-founded a SaaS company, Cars Her Way.

During her interview with Jim Fitzpatrick, she explains how through technology, appropriate messaging and convenience, dealerships can generate more conversations and potential sales with searching women shoppers. Cars Her way also assists in the process allowing your dealership to track the customers shopping journey and then using that information to engage with them in the way that matters to them the most.