Clutch Technologies Announces Subscription Platform to Meet the Needs of Every Driver

Clutch Technologies

ATLANTA, January 22, 2019 – Clutch Technologies,, continues to
revolutionize the car subscription category with the launch of the Clutch Subscription Platform – a suite of products that meets the needs of every driver. This Clutch product offering provides many of the benefits of subscription to those who prefer to own or lease a vehicle. Now dealers and OEMs can establish “recurring relationships” with every customer as a basis to sell valuable products across the ownership lifecycle.

“Clutch’s vision has always been to improve the lives of every driver,” said Vince Zappa, president of Clutch Technologies. “In multi-vehicle subscription, or ‘traditional’ subscription, we set out to solve the hardest and most comprehensive problems first. We knew that the resulting technology platform could then be used to build a variety of products that would serve the needs of many different consumers. The common thread is that these products allow the industry to shift from transactional to continuous relationships. If dealers and OEMs establish ongoing relationships, learn what is needed from consumers, and provide ongoing value, the result will be a virtuous circle of retention and profitability, regardless of the specific products a consumer is using.”

Clutch TechnologiesThe Clutch Subscription Platform uses the same technology that powers Clutch’s “full-time” subscription products, Single Vehicle Subscription and Multi-vehicle Subscription. Every element of Clutch’s platform, from payments to telematics, is working to deliver an exceptional client and consumer experience. The key advancement is that the Clutch Subscription Platform expands Clutch’s algorithms to assign vehicles across several different products from a shared fleet.

The Clutch Subscription Platform includes:

  • Service Pickup and Delivery: Dispatches staff to pick up vehicles for service and deliver loaners, and leverages Clutch’s partnership with fleet management software provider TSD to create loaner agreements at the customer’s location.
  • Extended Test Drive: Allows customers to try one or more vehicles for an extended period of time, typically on a paid-for basis, which is effectively a mini-subscription. Customers can select the vehicles they want to drive and receive suggestions based on feedback.
  • On-demand Rental: Provides a dealership’s existing customers with the right to rent additional vehicles for purposes such as a trip, a project or a visit from family, to accommodate a specific vehicle need. For added convenience, vehicles can be delivered, with the rental agreement being executed at the customer’s location.
  • Fractional Subscription: Provides customers with the right to drive additional vehicles for a monthly fee (e.g., three days per month for a $100 monthly fee). This product can be sold in dealership F&I departments or subsequent to a purchase. It can be combined with other products, such as a service contract with pickup and delivery, to create an “owner subscription.”
  • Single VIN: Subscription can be used to monetize excess used inventory with “micro-leases” priced according to the age and condition of individual vehicles. This product can play the role of a “used lease” or be simply to supply vehicles for use in the “gig economy”.
  • Single Vehicle Subscription: Provides an alternative to ownership on new or used vehicles. It can be used to solve problems such filling gaps between leases or providing a vehicle for shorter-term residents. Those who simply prefer to subscribe can pay a premium to have their vehicle managed for them.
  • Multi-vehicle Subscription: Provides the ultimate consumer driving experience. Consumers flip between vehicles as their needs change, while letting their subscription provider take care of all the hassles of ownership.

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