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U.S. and Japan reach trade agreement, used car prices continue to fall, NHTSA investigates Tesla

Inside Automotive

Aaron BickartEV confusion: The relationship between education and profit — Aaron Bickart | Offerlogix
On this episode of Inside Automotive, Aaron Bickart, Executive Vice President & General Manager of OfferLogix, sits down with host Jim Fitzpatrick to discuss how the industry is changing in response to electric vehicles, and what dealers should do to prepare themselves for the still developing market. Watch the complete segment here.

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trade mineralsFor battery minerals, the U.S. and Japan have reached trade agreements. The agreement may increase Japanese EVs’ eligibility for U.S. EV tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act. The IRA, which was passed in August 2022, modifies the federal EV tax credit program in the U.S. One of the requirements limits credit eligibility to vehicles made in North America. Read More

sentiment index, used car pricesAccording to a new report from, used car prices have fallen steadily over the last year, with electric vehicles being the most affected. According to the report, used car prices have declined 8.7% from February of 2022, while EVs have dropped 13.9%. Read More

Tesla model X
Tesla Model X

U.S. auto safety regulators announced they were opening an investigation into 50,000 Tesla Model X vehicles after receiving complaints reporting front seat belt failures. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the preliminary evaluation covers models front seat belts that remain connected to the anchor pretensioner while driving. Read More

Honda recall side-view mirrorsHonda is recalling more than 330,000 vehicles due to the pads behind both side-view mirrors not being properly bonded, which could lead to the mirror glass falling out and increasing the risk of a crash. Read More 


For Dealers

6 mental health and wellness activities to promote positivity at the dealership
The majority of people in leadership roles have heard the phrase “People are your best asset,” and many would agree this is true. Without dedicated, hard-working employees, a business never runs as smoothly as it could. That being said, management teams need to find ways to keep employees happy and prevent a pattern of “quiet quitting,” but how can this be done? Read More

EV chargingWhy alternative EV charging infrastructure could help solve U.S. adoption concerns
Even though electric vehicle (EV) adoption is growing, one issue remains a roadblock: the lack of enough EV chargers. According to a McKinsey report, half of US consumers list battery and charging issues as their top concerns about buying EVs. A lack of a comprehensive EV charging station infrastructure could derail initiatives like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that sets a benchmark of building 500,000 public charging stations in the US by 2030. Read More

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Jaelyn Campbell
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