CBT automotive newscast: June 14, 2021

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O'LearyHow to unlock your inner joy and motivation after a tough year in 2020 – John O’Leary, NYT best-selling author
Oh to be a kid again! Many of us have used phrases like this in passing, but there are actually innovative ways that can help you turn that feeling into reality. Last year, John O’Leary released his book, In Awe, that covered this topic and he joins us today on the heels of the book’s anniversary. Watch the complete segment here.

Top Headlines:

Delaware has become the latest state to battle Tesla’s nationwide expansion plan. Most recently, the Delaware Department of Transportation denied the EV-maker’s application for a new vehicle dealer license. Tesla has since initiated a letter-writing campaign to Governor John Carney which protests the state’s decision. The electric vehicle giant has also has requested a closed-door hearing with the state, that is set to take place on June 23.

In other Tesla news, the Model S Plaid has officially launched. While the Plaid offers little change in body style from the original Model S, CEO Elon Musk claims that the electric sedan is “faster than any Porsche, safer than any Volvo.” The Plaid accelerates from 0 to 60 in 1.99 seconds and has an estimated range of 390 miles. It also boasts shorter charging times, home-theater quality sound systems, and improved infotainment components.

On Friday, Toyota Motor Corp.’s Chief Production Officer Masamichi Okada announced that the Japanese automaker aims to make all of its factories carbon neutral by 2035. During an online media briefing, Okada said, “in this way, the processes that have high generation of CO2 will be focused on to reduce as much as possible, or even eliminate CO2 emissions.”

While several automakers have been forced to temporarily close plants and limit production quantities, Stellantis has unveiled its new Jeep assembly plant in the heart of Detroit. The historic Mack Avenue location has been a long-standing institution in Detroit dating back to 1916. After being sold to the city in 1982, the plant was demolished in 1995 and rebuilt. Today, it is the production site of the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L. This is the latest effort to revive Detroit and its core industry.

News & Opinion:

electric carsG7 discusses shift to electric cars with softer stance on deadlines
Among the pressing political issues discussed at the 47th G7 Summit on the weekend is the topic of electric cars. The seven world leaders attending the summit were to discuss ways to reduce emissions from fossil fuels by embracing electrification in the automotive industry. A draft proposal suggested that G7 governments would seek a benchmark of alternatively fueled vehicles making up the majority of new car sales by 2030 or sooner. Read more

routinesWhat routines should business leaders adopt to be more successful at work?
You’ll know as well as anyone that being in a leadership position can be challenging enough as it is, let alone when we’re on edge due to a lack of sleep, preparation, and running low on energy. The goal then should be to set ourselves up for success and prevent being on edge as much as possible so that we can remain centered and have the mental capacity to deal with any challenges that arise throughout the day. Read more

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