How to unlock your inner joy and motivation after a tough year in 2020 – John O’Leary, NYT best-selling author

Oh to be a kid again! Many of us have used phrases like this in passing, but there are actually innovative ways that can help you turn that feeling into reality. Last year, John O’Leary released his book, In Awe, that covered this topic and he joins us today on the heels of the book’s anniversary.

We’re pleased to welcome John O’Leary, Speaker, Leadership Coach, and New York Times Best-Selling Author of ‘On Fire’ and his latest book, ‘In Awe: Rediscover Your Childlike Wonder to Unleash Inspiration, Meaning, and Joy.’

At the beginning of the conversation, O’Leary shares with us the feedback he has gotten since the release of, In Awe. He states that there wasn’t a plan to launch a book at the height of a pandemic but he believes may be the reason, was that it was needed in this season and it was perfect timing. Long before the pandemic hit, O’Leary says he wanted to create a book based on the needs of people. 

O’Leary continues the conversation by stating that the book isn’t about the author but people’s own life.

In the book, there are five senses that helped reignite your inner child. O’Leary says the sense that the reader probably will recognize the most is the fifth sense. The sense of freedom. This sense provides readers with a sense of being free and going after the things that matter.

O’Leary believes it’s important to have those childlike behaviors return because people need to think beyond the boundaries. People won’t get to the solution by thinking inside the box. You would need to look at old issues with a new lens in order to change things.

O’Leary ends the conversation by thanking his children. He wants to thank them for teaching him the senses, how to live with joy every day, and recognizing the opportunities that really matter.

Although most children will outgrow that childlike wonder, great leaders can return to it and take those lessons and apply them going forward to make themselves better. 

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