Bill Wittenmyer: “Pick Up In Your Dealership Where Your Customer Left Off Online”


Digital retailing is a popular focus around the industry and at the NADA Show this year. The industry has applied an extra emphasis on creating a better customer experience. Though many dealerships are climbing aboard and learning the many ways to enhance a customer’s experiences, there is still much more room for improvements. “Our industry is evolving more in the next five years then it probably has done is the last fifty.”  Bill Wittenmyer, Partner at Elead1One, says to Jim Fitzpatrick of  CBT News , at NADA as he shares more about solutions that allow you to effortlessly pick up in your dealership where your customer left off online.



According to Bill, retail solutions, as they are now, have an open opportunity that allows a customer the possibility of being let down. It’s explained how a customer will start a process outside the store but they are not connected to anything. Once the potential buyer gets to a store they have to start the process over again. ELead1One wanted to solve for that false sense of experience and built a connection that now allows customer entered information the ability to communicate with a dealerships CRM.  This also gives the customer a feeling of ownership and control. They can input as much information as they want and take it as far as they want. Or, they can simply fill it in a bit at a time and then circle back around to it when it better fits their schedule. No matter what time frame the potential buyer chooses the luxury of knowing that they can pick up in the dealership wherever they left off is key and possible now that it is fully integrated into the CRM.

No matter the direction of digital retail and the timeline that will shape its course, one thing that we know for sure is that the customers want, expect and demand a more detailed, transparent and hassle-free process. That is exactly what Bill and Team at Elead1One hope they deliver with opening the communication between customers and dealerships alike.