Automotive CX Summit Promises High-Value Experience for All Attendees

Thought Leaders

Jon Munzel, the founder and President of the Thought Leadership Summits, joins us on our CBT Automotive Network and is excited to share with our audience all of the important updates and things you need to know about their upcoming automotive conference.

Just a few weeks out from their next conference the Automotive CX Summit, in Marina Del Rey, California June 19-20th, Munzel and team have been extremely busy getting everything together and ready for the crowds.

Over the past thirteen years, they have been creating an environment where they can provide a high-value experience for all of the participates at the summits. Their focus on exclusivity allows for C level executives from across the industry to interact with each other so they may share on thought leadership.

New this year is the Auto CX Analytics & AI Summit. Hosted by Thought Leaders Summits on June 21st in Marina Del Rey, California, Jon and team wanted to provide a more hands-on forum that helps users manage and analyze the large and growing amounts of data that dealers may accumulate on customers through new and existing marketing solution tools.

Munzel is excited about the agenda and guest speakers they have planned for all attendees, including two highly anticipated keynote speakers.

Thomas J. Peyton, AVP of Marketing Operations with American Honda Motors Co., will be discussing how they are leveraging new technologies to continue to build their brand. The second keynote speaker, Dean Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Motor America, will cover the new age of customer experience and they are collaborating with their dealers to ensure they deliver on promises.

Thought Leaders

In addition to the great keynotes planned, there will also be more content to absorb from the industries OEM’s and dealer executives.