Save Money on Audits by Tracking Warranty Compliances

Lisa Reinicke


Automotive Warranty Network specializes in manufacturer warranty for the majority of Major Manufactures to help save money by a tracking process. Lisa Reinecker, President and Chief Executive Office at AWN, gives us more insight on how they help support companies like Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, and Subaru.

Specializing in warranty they pay the technician, follow with detail throughout an open-tickets lifecycle to enforce accountability and maintain policy and procedures. They also handle the backend phase when its time to receive payment from the dealership and submit it to the manufacturer where they will support in reconciliation.

The intended goal is to make sure no-matter the claim- the dealerships are staying compliant.

warranty claims checklist

One of the in-house developed Tools they use is called CARS which stands for Claim, Accountability & Reporting Systems. This system lays out the steps for their process, Lisa explains. When they receive a claim they are live with the open ticket until the Technician completes the job. AWN is tracking the entire process in real time to make sure all data and laws are being followed.

They understand the importance of Compliance. To ensure they are providing excellent services, Automotive Warranty Network ensures they stay updated with training through their Training Academy for all their employees to keep them informed so they may efficiently support the manufacture in all ways.