In an SEC filing made yesterday on March 25th, Atlanta-based Asbury Automotive Group terminated its $1 billion purchase agreement of 14 luxury Park Place Dealerships which represent brands like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Maserati to name a few. The sale, which…

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  1. They dodged a bullet, imo. Park place is a fucking joke and they dont give a shit about the employees. They did a mass layoff today and everyone was notified via phone. A PHONE CALL. After being made to work all day, the decision was made about their job DAYS ago. They got a call, and was read a bullshit script about covid 19. Employees that had been here for 20+ years, just let go with no warning, and no respect. Park Place is a ‘family company’ yea right, in my experience, its always been family that is first to fuck you over. Well today, Park Place NAILED it. Top 5 places to work In DFW, multiple years in a row, what a fucking joke.

  2. You nailed it in your comments my friend. What a bunch of hypocrites – terrible treatment of employees needs to make the mainstream news. Every day pushing integrity and then totally fuck everyone over. Even banked $10M + after Asbury pulled out.
    Every one of their customers needs to know about this! Covid-19 very convenient for them to dump 20% of their work force.


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