On this week’s episode of Auto Marketing Now with Brian Pasch, Brian speaks with Alan Krutsch about the future of a one-price haggle free strategy in auto dealerships.


  1. Really enjoyed listening to part1 & part2 !

    Brian @ 12:02 you mention hiring millennials and that hard-nose negotiation “…may not be in this next generations DNA”. Excellent point!

    As a millennial (that actually prefers phone calls over text… weird, I know) I’d say the personalities for ‘hard nose negotiation’ are still around. It’s not that the Next Generation doesn’t want to negotiate, they just want to negotiate on their own terms & timeline. My take is that there are so many options, a Millenial hard noser knows they can simply move onto the next dealer, wait a month or check online for other offers. So many (too many) options. The new hard nose negotiation = ” Oh you’re going to fight me on price? See ya! ”

    just my .02

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