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With less than 29% of consumers washing their vehicles at home, your dealership can gain a lot of profit by focusing on a car wash. In fact, a professional car wash at your location could dramatically increase revenue in the service department. In this article, we examine the ways a car wash can be used and offer three ideas for generating more income with this invaluable service.

Why Use a Car Wash at a Dealership?

If you want the revenue in your service department to keep rising, you must increase customer satisfaction. What better way to do this than by offering a car wash service? Consider all of the possible ways it could be used.

It’s ideal for any vehicle that is in the shop for service or maintenance. It’s also beneficial for cleaning off those cars that are delivered on transport trucks. You need to clean up those vehicles that come in from trade-ins and you surely want to wash a car before it’s used as a rental.

Furthermore, your courtesy loaners and demo cars should always be kept looking their best, which is why an on-site car wash is necessary. Aside from the ways, your dealership can personally use the wash to save time and increase satisfaction, think about the ways it will generate more revenue.

3 Ways of Turning a Car Wash Into a Profit Center

By providing a car wash to the public and your customers, you can see a dramatic rise in revenue. Here are three ways to consider using the car wash.

Free Wash with Service

Ideally, everyone that brings a vehicle to the dealership for service would get a free car wash. While this might not appear to increase the revenue, it works behind the scenes. By promoting a higher CSI score, you ensure these customers continue coming back to you for maintenance and repair, which promotes future income and helps with customer retention.

Discount Wash for Customers

You can offer a discount on washes for customers that have purchased a vehicle or receive regular service. With a premium wash option in the neighborhood, your customers aren’t going to want to wash the vehicle anywhere else, and you ensure that you are the top choice when they need something in the future.

Full Price Washes to the Public

By offering your car wash to the public, you can bring in a larger profit. You also become better known in the community. While the wash itself can bring in some revenue, don’t forget to offer some premium add-ons for more income.

You can offer Rain-X, wax, polish, and tire shine services. You can also start to implement some auto detailing services. Whether your customers are looking for an interior vacuum or leather conditioning, you can blow their minds with your strict attention to detail.

Take it All a Step Further

There’s no limit to the ways you can use a wash for increased revenue. Consider creating a VIP program for your most valued customers to ensure they feel appreciated. This VIP program can include free oil changes or washes for increased loyalty.

You could also create a customer referral program that you can show appreciation for the recommendation. For every customer that gets new service or purchases a vehicle, the referring client could gain a “Thank You” package, which could include access to the car wash and service center discounts.

How will you use the car wash to generate revenue in your dealership this year? It’s time to think outside the box.

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