Writing Great Dealership Job Ads And Who They Attract

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Before the start of any role, the first contact that an individual has with your company is through your job ad posting. Thus, making it a very important first step. A well-written job description can attract a higher number of qualified applicants right from the start, which saves you money and time.

A good job description can help you kickstart with some of the things that are most important for the new prospective employee to have and do. A great job ad serves as a reference to determine and compare industry salaries. It helps to maximize the money spent on employee compensation by matching the prospective applicants to the detailed skills and experience needed for the job. It sets the groundwork for any possible future interview questions.

As you write the ideal job description for the role at your dealership, that same information can also be great for creating ads. In the long run, it can even provide you with a basis for growth paths, setting goals, salary increases, and employee reviews.

What To Include On A Job Description

So, the first question to be asked is what you should include in a job description. In a dealership, you’ll find various jobs, such as in the sales departments, services and repairs departments, parts departments, customer service department, and the senior management. All of which require a different job description as their role varies in relation to the job title.

However, there are eight factors that each great job description should include, which are:

  1. Job Title

This is a pretty self-explanatory aspect, which is also one of the most important for obvious reasons. This clarifies the job title, level or rank, and the position.

  1. Salary Range

This bit should start by listing out the salary from the middle range to the highest salary that is possible for the position. If you offer also offer any additional compensations, that should be listed here as well. In the automotive industry, most salespeople generally work on commission, which should also be stated within this section.

  1. State Objectives and Purpose

This section should just include a general statement that is a quick three to four-sentence summary of the objective or purpose of the posted position.

  1. Job Description

This is the main section of the job description, which as the name suggest describes the job role. It should include a detailed list ordered by the significance of the tasks and duties that will be required from the employee. The list should include all the tasks and duties that will take over 5% of the employees’ time.

  1. Describe The Reporting Structure

This section gives a more detailed description of the role that the employee will hold, including any supervisory roles that they might have. It should also include who they are a subordinate to indirectly and directly. This might seem like a self-explanatory section, but it is important to include as not all dealerships operate in exactly the same way.

  1. Skills and Experience

This section should be as detailed as possible so that you are able to get applicated that are right for the role. Everything from computer skills to people skills should be included for a role in the automotive industry.

  1. Describe The Ideal Candidate

This section should describe the strengths that are needed for a role in the automotive industry, such as long hours, commitment, and communication skills.

  1. Work Schedule and Location

The last section should finish off with the physical location of the dealership, the hours, and days that the position requires. Also included in this section should be any potential for overtime that may be required.

Job Posting Ad Template

Now that you’ve got the actual information aspect done, you’ll need to know how to position everything and what the overall feel of the posting should be for it to garner the best results.

  1. Be creative with the title

This is one of the most important parts because it’s the first thing that potential applicants see. It’s the first interaction in a way that might push someone that would traditionally seem unorthodox to apply for the position. As you write the title, make sure to include the position role and the top one to three things that are sure to make the job desirable to applicants.

  1. Add a touching introduction

This one paragraph should list the three to five things that applicants could look forward to with the role advertised. The style should be similar to how newspapers use a lead to hook you onto the article.

  1. Add your dealership’s story

This could be any information that you feel the applicant should know about your dealership, including how long you’ve been a business, number of employees, awards, work culture, accolades, and more.

  1. Sell the position

For this, you should only include the absolutely essential requirements for the role with a limit to one to three items. Following that, you should state the important information, such as perks or benefits, educational opportunities, noteworthy coworkers, pay, work hours, as well as any other information that would be beneficial or interesting to the applicants.

  1. Push the location of the dealership

If a location requires a potential applicant to move, it can be quite a big obstacle. So, if you are looking to hire someone that is not from your region, sell them on the surrounding areas of your location. This includes providing them with details on things to do, crime rates, activities, schools, etc.

  1. Sell the job

This should be a quick bullet point recap list that swiftly states the top five to six reasons as to why someone would want to apply for your dealership. This just keeps those points fresh in the candidates’ head as they push to apply.

  1. Go through the application process

For this, you just have to give a somewhat detailed process that describes everything that happens from they apply to when they get hired. This is especially important if your dealership runs on a one interview hire sort of process.

  1. Get it proofread

Getting multiple people to read this over avoids any potential misinformation from being spread and it also allows you to get multiple opinions regarding the length, wording, and overall appropriateness of the ad.

  1. Improve email responses

The emails that you send applicants at each process of the application process can be a bit deal depending on whether you’re doing them right or not. Ensure that they are clear and personal, while they continue to sell the position to the candidate at all steps.

Through these steps and advice, you should be well on your way to writing great dealership job ads that showcase everything that your dealership embodies. Just make sure to remember that clarity counts throughout the process and it’s mostly better to try to keep it short and sweet. By avoiding any clichés and selling your brand, you’re sure to find the top applicants for the role.