Why education is the best foundation for your training efforts — Joe Verde

Consumers of today seek convenience so they can save time while shopping for and buying a car. Therefore, It is essential for dealerships to build a top-notch sales team to support those consumer needs. At this year’s NADA Show, CBT News spoke with Joe Verde, founder and sales training expert of Joe Verde Group, about the benefits of having a skilled sales team on the showroom floor.

Key takeaways:

1. Making a good first impression, as a salesperson, is crucial because the industry frequently stresses the importance of remaining neutral professionally when dealing with diverse groups of customers.

2. Salespeople have forgotten the path to sell. As a result, when there are no vehicles, the gross grows, and when there are cars, the gross reduces due to competition, which lowers wages.

3. Dealers lack the necessary resources to define training. Dealers need to avoid only offering directions because the staff might forget to follow them shortly afterward.

4. Training starts with education and product knowledge. Salespeople can no longer be just order takers.

5. Dealers must understand their numbers in order to create fair targets. Repeat business is the best route to expansion.

The one thing you never get to change is a first impression, you only get one shot at making it good.” — Joe Verde

Notable background:

For over 37 years, Joe Verde has reached thousands of dealers, managers and salespeople worldwide through his sales and management workshops.

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