[Webinar] How to Increase Online Conversions by Increasing Return Visitors

Dealerships spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year trying to attract new web traffic to their website, yet studies have shown that the most engaged web traffic comes from visitors that return to sites.

Despite this, dealerships spend significantly more effort trying to attract new visitors to their website rather than getting online car shoppers to return, which results in lost conversions and poor digital marketing results.

Iam CruickshankSpeed Shift Media

Join Ian Cruickshank, university educator and VP of Sales and Marketing at Speed Shift Media, and learn how to create an effective dealership retargeting program designed to maximize the amount of your return visitors and increase your online conversions.

You’ll learn:
• Why retargeting is one of the most effective ways to increase your digital marketing results
• How the 4 levels of retargeting affect your dealership’s results and how to determine which is the right one for you
• How to avoid the most common problems with dealership retargeting

Don’t miss your opportunity to attend this live webinar on
Friday June 9, 2017 @ 2PM – 3PM EST

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