Tracking How Dealerships and Customers Connect

Customer Connections

Shawn Rajabi, and Louis Towry, of Total Customer Connect, took time at the NADA Show to join CBT News for a discussion about the importance of tracking dealership’s connections with their customers and how well they are functioning. With the online buying presence, consumers are more likely to operate a mobile device from home than shopping around in a store. Consumers want a special one on one experience¬†that is both timely and productive. According to Louis Towry, that‚Äôs why dealerships need TCC.

Total Customer Connect is the only retail automotive marketing company to offer a 90 day “pay-to-stay” satisfaction guarantee since 2001. Their programs deliver a premium customer experience for those ready to buy and vehicle owners ready for service. With call center services, custom marketing campaigns, state of the art pricing menus, electronic route sheet, tablet-friendly MPI tool, and DMS-driven reporting tools, TCC guarantees improved profitability in your dealership service drive.

Customer Connect

TCC conducts a full analysis on the dealership to take a look on how those connection points are being used and if you are maximizing on. This allows them to bring you service that will pinpoint the area(s) that need improvements. Every program that Total customer connect is guaranteed to maximize productivity in the first few months. Their system benefits small to large dealerships and stands behind their product no matter the size of the dealership. The stand firmly that every one of their products or services offered is backed by a full company guarantee.