Top OEM Headlines | December 2015

This week’s most impactful OEM headlines, including:

  1. Toyota To Remain World’s Largest Automaker
    Barring a catastrophe, Toyota will remain the world’s largest automaker…beating out Volkswagen and GM. says year to date, Toyota Is nearly 2-hundred thousand units ahead of Volkswagen and is expected to end the year with 10.1 million units to it name.
  2. BMW, Nissan Team Up on National Fast Charger Network
    The Detroit Bureau reports BMW and Nissan are teaming up in a bid to make it easier for owners to charge-up away from home. Both companies say it’s in an effort to set up fast-charging stations at 120 locations across the U.S. The systems will give vehicles like the Nissan leaf and BMW i3 an 80% charge in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Mercedes Replaces US Boss
    Mercedes Benz USA made a move at the top last week, replacing CEO and President Steve Cannon, with Austrian native, Dietmar Exler. Mercedes Benz didn’t actually give a reason, but the suggest the reason was because of sales lagging in an otherwise robust luxury market.
  4. Toyota To Remain World’s Largest Automaker
    Porsche plant workers have agreed to less pay to produce an electric car. Reuters reports the Volkswagen-Owned manufacturer said earlier this month it would spend a little over a billion dollars at its base in Zuffenhausen and create more than 1,000 jobs there to build the battery-powered Mission E model