Three Ways to Bring Your Team Together Without Paying for It

team together

Team building is one of the most important facets of maintaining positive company culture, but days out for group team-building activities can add up. Here are three ways to bring your team together without paying for it.

Game Time!

It takes a toll on the brain to be focused entirely on one thing for several hours at a time. When employees step out for a smoke or take a lunch break, their phone comes out, and many of them resort to catching up with friends or playing a mindless game if only to break the monotony.

But who has ever said that games should be mindless?

Pair your employees with a different partner each day to participate in games that take them out of the standard office mold. Cornhole is a good one if you have space because it involves two pairs of contestants. Scavenger hunts and relay races give each set of employees the chance to compete and to brag later.

Additionally, pairing employees differently every day gives you the chance to evaluate which employees have the best chemistry.

Crack Those Icy Walls!

It’s not always easy for team members to get to know each other. Often, the dynamics of the business day do not allow for social interaction. Some employees may be very shy and submissive while others are outgoing and boisterous.

One way to bring the entire team together and to get them to communicate with each other freely is to start the day with an icebreaking activity. Compose a list of questions. Have each employee pick one and read it to another employee.

If dessert were the first meal of the day, what would their first choice be? If they could own any animal in the world as a pet, what would they name it and why?

Witty, thoughtful questions can get the entire team involved and get everyone pumped up to start the day.

Everybody Out!

Some companies have incorporated mandatory workout sessions into their day to help employees keep their dopamine (their get-up-and-go hormone) high. Being outside does the same thing.

Work some time into the day for employees to participate in an outdoor activity. Have each employee lead the team through simple exercises to improve circulation and encourage creativity.

Have the team leader present the member of their choice with a small award as an incentive for their hard work. Also, don't forget to award the leader for their participation.

Team building does not need to consist of extravagant, expensive adventures to team-building conventions and the like. Start in the office with something modest in scope and price. Anything that gets your team thinking as a team will save you money and improve your productivity.