The Three Keys to Attracting and Retaining Talent at Your Dealership – James Boening, Audi South Atlanta

James Boening, General Manager of Audi South Atlanta, sits down with CBT News to discuss his dealership’s strategies for attracting and retaining talent in an industry with a 67% turnover rate.

James gives CBT News three keys that have been successful for him: morale, camaraderie within the staff, and making sure it’s fun. James says, “if you can find a way to create [a place] where these people know you respect them, you are there for them as a leader and not just words, you’re actually willing to do it with them… people will stay with you, even when it’s tough”, James also says acknowledging individuals should be done daily, not simply at the end of the month. James prefers to acknowledge the success of the team regularly, saying that it helps to make your employees feel like they are apart of something.

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