Have you taken a recent look at customer satisfaction scores? We’ll show you a store that went from zero to 100.

How are your satisfaction scores at your service department? Do you have a culture that simply tries to upsell the customer for the next job?

This was the problem at Mark Daniels Texoma Hyundai store a few years ago, where satisfaction scores were average at best. So Daniels brought in a new manager, someone actually who had no management experience, for the role.

Jason Brewer had been a tech at a nearby Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Store. The promotion sparked a turnaround and satisfaction scores soared. Texoma Hyundai has been Hyundai’s top scoring U.S. store in satisfaction for three years now.

What’s the secret? Well a big part of it goes to Brewer’s work strategy. He works on vehicles alongside techs and says kindness goes a long way with each customer.

RFJ President Rick Ford said, “The majority of dealerships, even the ones we have that are doing good jobs, don’t do a very good job of catering to the customer to where they actually believes we’re going out of our way. Jason and his team go out of their way to make it easy for the customer.”