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CarMax joins Carvana in 2022 used vehicle woes as profits fall...

CarMax has announced cuts to hiring and stock buybacks in an effort to recoup from a devastating third quarter. The company suffered an 86% profit...
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Rare Tesla discount gets boost for holidays as investors worry over...

In an extreme departure from form, the holiday Tesla discount will be doubled to $7,500 in the U.S. The Tesla discount was already a rare...
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Musk to vacate Twitter role as Tesla shares tank 8%

After multiple hits to Tesla share prices, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has confirmed he will resign from his position at the social media platform. On...
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Tesla stock downgraded after Elon Musk announces tentative Twitter departure

Elon Musk is no stranger to controversy, but the scrutiny around the billionaire entrepreneur hit an all time high in the wake of an...

Citigroup shows tentative support for auto-retailer Carvana

As analysts struggle to predict the future of the auto-retailer, Citigroup has labeled Carvana's stock as "neutral." The brand saw massive profits in 2021 as...
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New report says Musk requested Tesla executives work at Twitter

According to information obtained by CNBC, Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk enlisted the help of executives and high-ranking employees across his companies to...
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Tesla shareholders surprised with unexpected stock upgrade

After a tumultuous year for Tesla shareholders, the automaker surprised analysts last Wednesday after Citigroup upgraded the company's share value to $174 from $141.33. Citigroup...

GM predicts rosy financial future thanks to EV growth

GM announced last Thursday it expects its EV profits to match sales of gas-powered vehicles by 2025, five years earlier than initially projected. Speaking to...

Elon Musk testifies in court over $55 billion Tesla payment package

Elon Musk testified in court this Wednesday in a legal battle over his $55 billion contract with Tesla. The suit alleges that the automaker's...