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Closing in F&I starts with a strong opening

Most salespeople judge their entire career by how good of a closer they are. In F&I specifically, closing more deals with higher rates and...
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Beyond PVR — dig deeper for greater F&I success

What does success look like in the F&I department? How should it be measured? PVR (per vehicle retailed) is currently the most examined metric used...

How to stay competitive with online VSC companies

Since the pandemic hit, dealers are finding that the landscape of online aftermarket providers has increased, and they are targeting consumers that want to...

Data analytics in F&I – Remember, humans are behind the numbers

When dealerships use data to take a more granular look at how the different departments are performing, it can uncover a lot – positive...

Digital retailing inspired by the next generation

Allow me to break down digital retailing in its most simple form. It’s the utilization of a website to allow consumers to purchase products...

Use preloaded ancillary bundles to give F&I more time, more profit

In the dealership, time is everything. Your staff needs time to sell the car, appraise the trade, and work the deal. Time truly is money. When...

How to raise your PVR in one simple step

Every F&I department has metrics it must meet every month and, in some cases, every day. They include penetration levels per product, CSI scores,...

Meeting the Customer on Their Terms

  On this week's episode of F&I Today, Becky Chernek talks about how meeting the customer on their terms can improve your interview process and...