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As many buyers begin their vehicle search online, a dealer’s website is the prime place to begin building a seamless customer experience.

From online to in-store: creating a seamless dealership customer experience

Rapid digitalization during the pandemic has made a lasting impact on the way customers shop for vehicles. According to S&P Global Mobility's latest Vehicle Buyer...
Customers are not likely to stay on a website that is confusing to navigate, as patience wears thin and they may decide to shop elsewhere. digital retailing personalized marketing

How to create more personalized marketing for your car dealership

Identifying, communicating, and converting high-quality prospects is the primary purpose of adding personalization to your car dealership. The personalized marketing options are similar to those...

When dealers and partners match talent and tech, consumer experience shines

Personalization is at the core of the way we shop for and purchase everything these days. From groceries to cars, consumers want a fast,...

Online Personalization Tools: How/Why They Can Boost Profits

If you are not currently personalizing your websites and other online platforms, then you’ve losing revenue. In 2018, it was reported that businesses lost...

Why Automotive Needs to Get More Personal

The best salespeople in any industry have something in common: They get to know you first. They don’t ask you, “What are you interested...

Bob George, How to Use Your Data to Convert In-Market...

Joe Gumm of CBT News speaks with Bob George, Senior Director-Products, Websites and discusses how the platform at is meeting the expectations of...