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On today's CBT Now, Lenord Bellavia, Founding Partner of Bellavia Blatt, joins us to break down what this means for the industry.

How to avoid fraudulent warranty reimbursement – Attorney Len Bellavia

For years, dealers have been challenged with receiving fair compensation for retail warranty reimbursement. However, nowadays, franchised dealers in all states are protected. On...
subscription-based services

Automakers rev up subscription-based services, but will customers get on board?

This past July, media outlets took notice that BMW was selling subscription-based services, with a price tags of $18 a month, $300 for three...

Cox Automotive study shows many buyers unhappy with OEM subscription fees

Monthly and annual subscription services aren't brand new to the auto world (e.g., SiriusXM radio), but automakers have gradually been expanding vehicle-specific subscriptions for...