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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Close the Deal

Way too many salespeople spend too long selling and too little time closing. These two things—selling and closing—are completely different arts and you need...

About Selling, Closing And Negotiation…

Because most of us got zip for a real education in selling, closing, negotiating and the other critical skills – we defaulted to developing...

Closing The Sale

You have to be ‘The Hammer’ to be a good closer. You have to be a ‘natural’ to be a good closer. Only a few people...
David Lewis

How certain words impact your bottom line

When it comes to sales, the right words make a huge difference before, during, or after the car buying process. Some might not know...

CBT News – September 16, 2015

On today's show: Cory Mosley, speaker and success coach, on inspiring the troops Erikka Tiffani, Digital Marketing and Internet BDC Director of Jim Ellis...