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target car shopper e-mails

Target Your Car Shopper E-Mails

Send OnPoint Target Car Shopper E-mails to Different Customers for Better Value BY AMY FARLEY Not all customers are created equal. That’s something dealers know well, and...

Selecting Keywords Pays Off With Improved Marketing ROI

Dealers need a strategy to bid on well-focused keywords and make sure others don’t call up their ads for the wrong searches. BY AMY...
website traffic

Take Advantages Of Marketing Tools Available In Google Analytics

A variety of reports help identify where a dealer’s website traffic originated, how your results compare, and other key performance metrics. BY AMY FARLEY Digital marketing...
subscriber database

Make Your Dealership’s E-Mail Marketing Effective And Efficient

Emphasizing quality over quantity in your subscriber database, and creating targeted messages can produce real results. BY AMY FARLEY In a world of data-driven marketing, it’s...
Pre-Roll Video

Pre-Roll Video Must Be Part Of Your Marketing Arsenal

Online video coupled with traditional advertising enhances your targeting of qualified, in-market prospects. BY AMY FARLEY Online video is engaging, effective and growing tremendously, as more...

CBT News – September 17, 2015

On today's show: Amy Farley, media and communications manager with Force Marketing, on utilizing online video content Sales Tip of the Day with Glenn...
SEO tactics

SEO Tactics That A Dealer Not Only Can Grasp, But Use...

A marketing-oriented dealership exec can police the calls to action, content alignment and other web elements to help his business. BY AMY FARLEY Every dealer by...
technology platforms

Evaluate A Marketing Agency’s Technology Platforms

Be sure marketers are adept with latest tools to sharpen a dealer’s SEM, social media and other strategies. BY AMY FARLEY Work smarter, not harder. It’s...
analytic tools

3 Simple Google Tools That Every Dealer Should Be Utilizing

Utilizing free analytic tools can simplify a dealer’s approach to digital marketing. BY AMY FARLEY Henry Ford once said he knew that half of every...
NADA Vendor

Your Post-NADA Vendor Checklist

What to look for when choosing the best marketing vendors for your dealership. BY AMY FARLEY If you’re like many dealers across the country, you recently...