Road To NADA: The Success of Galpin – The Worlds Largest Ford Store

Galpin Motors

CBT Automotive Network begins its fifth Road To NADA! We teamed with and have loaded a bus with our news crew to connect with you on the road to the NADA Show. Along the way, we will be making stops and interviewing some of the country’s best automotive dealers. Kicking off the journey from the city of Los Angeles, we spent time with the great people at Galpin Motors- the World’s largest Ford store for 28 consecutive years. Jeff Skobin, Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Business Operations, joins us to discuss several topics and trends including the success that Galpin Motors has had over the many years.

Galpin Motors has been leading the car dealership industry for decades exhibiting the successes that can be made by running one of the largest and more profitable Ford dealerships in the world. Skobin tells our anchors, Joe and Bridget, about the importance of franchised dealers and the retail automotive industry. Considering the time Galpin Motors has dominated the industry, and the collection of knowledge they have learned along the way, they were also able to give tremendous insight on various questions about their history, successes, as well as current trending topics that we hope will provide an helpful insight for dealerships across the country.

CBT News also found out how Galpin Motors has stayed competitive over their twenty plus year leading charge and how the culture of the dealership has helped with consumer and employee engagement. Joe was also curious to learn what thoughts the chief marketing officer had on tariffs and the kind of impact they may have on the auto industry, specifically with dealers. After bonding over our on both of our companies partnering with and the value it brings, Bridget finds out what the future looks like for Galpin Motors and how they plan on keeping all of their engines running both on and off the lot as there seems to be no plan to slow down.