Requirements vs. Requests


What is the difference between a requirement and request when it comes to your dealership management? Glenn explains in this Tip of the Day.


Glenn Pasch: I was at a conference recently with my good friend, Mark Tewart, who is also a contributor here at CBT and I listened to him speak and he said something to the audience that I thought I should really maybe expand in this tip. And that was the conversation about what is a requirement or a request in terms of your dealership. How often do dealers struggle? I’ve talked to them many times and they’ll say, “Well, Glenn, I just can’t get my employees to do this or to follow through or I’m struggling to get everybody on board,” and that’s where we have this discussion about, “Well, what you’re asking them to do, is it a requirement of their job or are you just requesting?” I think there’s a lot of confusion at times.

Glenn Pasch: You need to really sit down and look through all of the duties that you’re expecting your employees to do and make sure they understand that each of these steps are a requirement for success. They’re not optional for them to do. In order for you to be more successful, dig through all of your processes, make sure all of your employees understand that you require certain steps in order to be successful, and that is your tip of the day.


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