Are potential customers able to navigate around your website?

Online shopping
Recent studies and surveys tell us shopping online has become very popular, so, would potential customers be able to navigate around yours without issues?

According to J.D. Power’s 2016 Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study, website navigation problems can negatively impact customer satisfaction especially when it comes to the individual pages of vehicles.

The study found that the more steps needed to find information with an image or video, the longer the process feels which leads to a decline in satisfaction.

Arianne Walker, Senior Director of Marketing Analytics At J.D. Power says, “find the right balance between offering rich content and a robust web experience that engages shoppers enough to get them to the dealer to take that next step.”

other findings included the content with which shoppers most often experience slow speed issues includes the build and price tool & interior/exterior 360 images.

Obviously, the study measured the usefulness of manufacturer websites. So, compared to your dealership’s website, how would new-vehicle shoppers rate these four measurable: information/content, appearance, navigation and speed?