The one question Mark Fields asks his candidates


In a recent interview with, Ford CEO Mark Fields was asked five questions, including if he had a question he always asked his job applicants and what the answer is that would get them hired.

“What was your first car?”
“My first car was a yellow 1979 Datsun B-210.”

“What car do you lust after that’s not a Ford?”
“The McLaren…those cars are amazing.”

“Growing up and before you joined Ford, what was your dream job?”
“When I was growing up I wanted to be an astronaut.”

“What’s the question you always ask a job applicant?”
“Tell me a situation where you faced a lot of adversity and then how did you handle it? Not so much from a business standpoint, but how did you handle it from a personal standpoint?”

“What’s the answer that will always get them hired?”
“The answer that will always get them hired is where they’re self reflective and honest about what they learned and what they failed at.”

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