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What Is Next for Dealer Inspire? – Joe Chura Provides Insight

CBT News welcomes back Joe Chura, President of Dealer Inspire, as he provides insight on whats next for Dealer Inspire. We learn more about their new merge with a well-renowned company in the automotive retail industry and what new products and features they are eager to reveal at the NADA Show.


Within the last thirty days, Dealer Inspire finalized their acquisition with Both companies’ have linked together and are collaborating very closely to work on strong product enhancements. Within this newly founded relationship, Joe is looking forward with excitement to see how Dealer Inspire and can create better practices that help develop, expanded and grow both companies for the better. This merge has struck a match igniting new energy that will help all dealers improve their technology and services. Dealer Inspire is looking forward to what this means internally for them as well. Joe says there are three major opportunities that this partnership provides that will have a profound impact. The first of which is the growth he sees in company size. What started in 2003 with only Three employees has now grown to over 430 in 2018. This number is expected to climb as newly introduced avenue is expected to increase capital and range of growth. In addition, they now have access to a broader range of data from the database. has over 20 years of recorded data obtained from an estimate of 20,000 customers. This information can now be sourced and used as an advantage by DealerInspire for accuracy and baseline knowledge. Also, with the new collaboration, they are strengthening their voice in the market. What was a five-person sales team in 2017 has grown to 11 and we can anticipate that number to continue to rise.

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Dealer Inspire has always emphasis service and performance management and now with their newly acquired eyes and ears, that understand the auto and the dealership industry, they can strengthen their approach and capabilities to maximize a dealership’s potential by outlining what is and is not working within their marketing investments. To help accomplish those goals they are launching a new management system. METAL is a newly designed inventory management system. This system will offer dynamic enhancements to pricing, personalization and provide an advance system were dealerships can log in to manage your inventory across all networks. If that was not enough to have on deck, Joe also wants you to know about something they call “lightning search”. With voice search now as a provided feature, you can talk to their website when conducting a car search making the experience that more effortless and easy.

To learn more about Dealer Inspire’s partnership with and all their new features and products that can better support your dealerships marketing strategies and vehicle sales, stop by booth # 4492C at the NADA Show.


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