Top OEM Headlines | April 2016

This week’s most impactful OEM headlines, including:

  1. Hyundai Taps Cisco to Develop Connected Car Tech reports Hyundai is partnering up with Cisco for the development of connected car tech. The partnership will focus on a network that will speed up and improve the transfer of large amounts of data within the vehicle. Hyundai says it’s part of a wider strategy of working with tech firms to create a connected car platform for its vehicles.
  2. Ford GT has over 7,000 applications for just 500 cars
    It’s been almost two weeks since Ford opened the order books, but Auto Blog says Ford already has more than 7,000 applications from customers across the world to purchase the new GT. In fact, Ford will continue to accept applications through May 12th. It will only take reservations for 500 cars right now.
  3. Honda is bringing back the 49-mpg Accord Hybrid this spring
    Honda says it will be bringing back the 49-mpg accord hybrid this spring. Mashable says along with the new front-end styling; the 2017 model will boast an impressive epa-estimated 49-miles-per-gallon fuel efficiency rating. Honda has also outfitted the accord hybrid with both Apple CarPlay, as well as Android Auto.
  4. Toyota Workers In Kentucky Elevate Their Senses To Properly Build A Lexus
    Forbes reports that when the deadly earthquakes in Japan shut down most of Toyota’s Japanese factories recently, workers in Kentucky stepped up. At 8.1 million square feet, the Georgetown, Kentucky factory is Toyota’s largest in North American, cranking out more than 500,000 vehicles a year. The 750 employees underwent 1.5 million hours of additional training, which included special sensory development activities so they could see, hear, feel and smell what a Lexus should be.