Top OEM Headlines | March 2016

This week’s most impactful OEM headlines, including:

  1. Lincoln Just Unveiled New Massive, Yacht-like Navigator
    Lincoln made a splash at the New York International Auto Show, unveiling its new navigator SUV concept. Fortune dot com says the main attraction of the seven-passenger SUV are the dramatic Gullwing doors, inspired by the yachting world…according to design boss David Woodhouse.
  2. Toyota CEO: Hybrid sales to pick up, here’s why
    Toyota North America CEO James Lentz says sales of Toyota’s Flagship Hybrid (The Prius) have faltered recently, but told CNBC they will rise again. Prius sales fell 10.9 percent last year…with Lentz blaming the fuel prices for that. Toyota’s Prius Prime (a new hybrid plug-in) will be available later this year.
  3. Nissan and Renault Set to Launch 10 Autonomous Vehicles by 2020
    Nissan and Renault are set to launch 10 autonomous vehicles by 2020. According to the Detroit Bureau, CEO Carlos Ghosn says the Renault-Nissan alliance will begin to roll out an advanced version of its technology over the next four years, starting with cars capable of operating hands free.
  4. Hyundai’s Genesis Brand Poised To Take On BMW’s Vaunted 3 Series
    Hyundai’s genesis is gearing up to take on BMW’s vaunted 3 series. Forbes dot com reports that Hyundai’s luxury brand unveiled a concept design at the New York International Auto Show that is aimed squarely at the market leading compact luxury sedan…the BMW 3 series. The concept will morph into an actual production car called, the G70.