Linking Hearst Auto Media Platforms with Digital Marketing Tools

Media Platforms

Combining industry-leading brands, tools, and in-depth auto shopper insights with the largest, most diverse automotive audience, Hearst Autos delivers performance-driven marketing solutions and resourceful media platforms at every stage of consideration. To learn more James Tom joins the CBT Automotive Network for an interview about everything Hearts Autos.

Hearst Autos aimed to align all of their consumer-facing automotive properties through media platforms putting together a unified strategy with the goal of helping a consumer from the time that they start thinking about their next car, until when they actually buy it and drive off the lot.

What gives Hearst auto the edge when compared to other like-minded companies is their audience reach and trusted name Tom says, “Consumers they known the brand, we’ve been doing reviews since the 1950s. And to be able to take that trusted brand and bring a really quality product the results have been better conversion rates than our previous tools from our tools company.”Media Platforms Tom goes on to explain more about how they build a mini listings experience in the ad for the shopper and push through your companies ads within that campaign. For example, if they see a consumer reading about an F150 and there is a similar one in any of the 27 sites pumped through the Jumpstart portfolio, they will serve that listing to the searching consumer.

The company has built out a system that allows a one-stop shopping experience through their website, content and years of experience. Equate with both a credit score rating tool and trade in value estimation option, you not only can do back-end research on an interested vehicle through their sites. Customers can also pull and line up all needed information before they walk into any dealership.