How Your Customer Experience Directly Effects Your Bottom-Line – Mike Wittenstein, StoryMiners


Mike Wittenstein, Owner of StoryMiners, a customer experience design agency, joins us in the CBT Automotive studio to talk about the importance of customer experience and how it is directly connected to your employer brand and bottom-line.

During our interview with the design agency owner, Wittenstein tells our network about the importance of storytelling and how it can enhance your company, product, and or services when done right. Wittenstein and the team at StoryMiners help take your company’s vision and set it to a story that will build out your future.


Over the years, studies have shown that the customer experience is more important than traditional branding, especially in the midst of the social media typhoon that is our go-to source for reviews and what’s new. This means that word-of-mouth holds even more value when emphasizing the importance of why happy customers are the reason you receive more business. Wittenstein explains when you can create a clear idea and translate it into a story, you are more likely to create a memorable customer experience and a more profitable bottom-line result.