GM’s Head of Open Innovation Discusses How Dealers Can Innovate Internally and The Future of Ride Sharing


Ted Graham is the Head of Open Innovation at GM and works with emerging technology partners to solve important problems that will shape the future of transportation. Ted often speaks on the topic of disruptive innovation, the sharing economy and intrapreneurship (including at TEDx) and recently authored “The Uber of Everything” based in part on his experiment to learn about disruptive innovation by driving the family minivan as a part time UberX driver over the course of one year and 99 rides.

CBT News had the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with Ted to discuss important topics that will shape the future of automotive technology for GM and others, as well as what that will mean for auto dealers.

We asked Ted the following questions, tune in to find out his answers:

1. Tell us about your position at GM?
2. You wrote a book, The Uber of Everything, what is it about and how does it apply to your role in innovation?
3. What is the future of ride sharing?
4. Is there any opportunities for car dealers in ride sharing?
5. How can dealers innovate internally when OEMs are so restrictive and controlling of dealership operations.
6. What is the next big development in the EV market for GM?
7. How long do you think it will take before autonomous vehicles become mass-market?