New survey shows the importance of your dealership communicating with your manufacturers

Do you communicate regularly with your manufacturer? Well, it looks like it pays off. In the 2016 nada dealer attitude survey, Lexus ranked number one overall among automotive brands that measured dealer sentiment of franchise value, automaker policies and automaker field staff.

Of course, Toyota was second, followed by Subaru, Honda, Porsche, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Jeep and Audi. The NADA says the dealer attitude survey is conducted twice a year, conveys timely dealer sentiment with the goal of encouraging automakers to regularly engage in constructive and beneficial exchanges with their dealers.

Citing the importance of the survey, NADA President Peter Welch said, “Facilitating open, honest and productive discussions between auto manufacturers and their franchised dealers is one of the most important functions of NADA. Our members rely on the dealer attitude survey to present a comprehensive assessment of dealer sentiment to their manufacturers, and the automakers rely on it as a vital tool for improving their business practices.”