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Daily Newscast: Are Tesla owners growing weary? | How to work with two different managing styles | The funny way to improve your status at work


On Today’s Newscast for Wednesday March 29, 2017:

Do too many tools & products = lack of human connection with customers?
Having so many tools for the automotive space can often be confusing, especially if those tools distract your salespeople away from providing your customers with an awesome customer service experience. For George Grubbs III of Grubbs Infiniti in Grapevine, Texas, staying involved in the process of dealing with vendors is the most important aspect.
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Are Tesla owners growing weary?
Despite recalls and problems such as poor build quality Tesla owners aren’t cranky. Instead they are happy to take one for the team, according to a new J.D. Power study. “They feel like they are part of the team and because it is a technology company they were proud to be part of that team,” said Kathleen Rizk, the director of global automotive consulting for Power. Rizk directed the report called “Tesla: Beyond the Hype.” It is based, in part, on interviews with 30 California owners of the Model S and X.
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How to work with two different managing styles
What does it take to work at a dealership where two types of managing styles are being implemented? That might be difficult to answer, but according to Dr. Nicole Lipkin, author of What Keeps Leaders Up at Night and a CBT Conference Keynote Speaker, there are two things you can do to figure out.
Watch Dr. Lipkin’s full keynote presentation on management and social awareness.
The funny way to improve your status at work
In every social group, people fit into a status hierarchy. The workplace is no exception. Many try to climb the status ladder by logging long hours, volunteering for additional assignments and dressing for success. But there might be an easier way: being funny.
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