A CRM Developed By Car People For Car People

Car People


Did you know there is a CRM that was developed by car people for car people? Patrick Kelly, Partner at AutoLoop, walks us through why having the proper automotive CRM, XRM can help you sell more units. With AutoLoop’s vast understanding of cars, dealerships, and employees, we learn how they set out to build an electronic control log that has a familiar and user friendly process.

Connecting you with your customer is what this CRM tool is all about. For the past 30 years, AutoLoop has been providing dealers with fully-integrated software systems. They focus on creating CRM experiences that help grow and improve the habits of employees so they may provide better results. After all, Great habits mean better production and that means more car sales.

Three important components that drive a dealer are product sales, growth profitability and customer satisfaction. Because the Company was founded by a car guy, there was a heavy emphasis on making sure the tool was built correctly that allows a dealer to accomplish those goals. Patrick tells CBT News how they designed the tool making sure to keep it fast and easy. They provide immediate responses backend support by their 400 staff members. Also, they build it around the showroom log so it makes sense to its everyday users.

With the road to a sale always being on the mind, a CRM takes control of the wheel and makes it quick and effortless to log all needed information from a VIN number to a customer’s birthday and a lot of Drivers licenses in-between.