March 23, 2018: Today, LotLinx, the industry’s automotive AI leader and Contact At Once!, a live person company, publicly announced their partnership to provide auto dealers an integrate CAO! chat and text within their websites and on advertisement listing starting with 48 shopping sites with plans to grow.


LotLinx, well known for their VIN-Specific Artificial intelligence, and their CX_AMP, both of which enhance the vehicle turn rate using mobile and customized marketing campaigns that are customer search specific. Contact At Once! provides real-time consumer chat or text from any mobile or online capable devise. Their platforms can be integrated directly into advertising listings, creating connections between shoppers and dealers. With their individual strengths and expertise in their products, the combination of this partnership is elevating for each company and automotive dealerships.

As the industry is seeing progressive movement towards a mobile-centric shopping experience, Denise Chudy, General Manager of Contact At Once!, believes in this power move recently saying, “This partnership allows dealers to immediately connect with shoppers from VDP pages wherever they’re shopping, whether it’s on the dealership website or from advertising-even search and social.” And Keith Schuyler could not agree more as he talks about the importance of time when it comes to consumers searches stating, “Reducing the time it takes to connect with mobile shoppers should be a top priority of every dealers’ digital marketing strategy,”


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