According to a Commerce Department gauge used by the Federal Reserve, the rate of inflation during May was consistent and while it did rise, it was slightly less than expected.

Core personal consumption expenditures prices are up 4.7% year-over-year with no telling when the prices will decrease or remain steady.

The Feds are working hard to come up with a plan to steadily decrease the inflation rate to bring comfort to struggling Americans.

However, there are a lot of factors that the Federal Reserve is considering, like headline inflation, personal income, savings, and goods inflation. As of now, not all policymakers are paying attention to headline inflation, which is up at a 6.3% average for the year already.

Personal income inflation rates surprised analysts by increasing 0.5%, which is 0.1% more than predicted. While the average levels of income have increased, the surge in prices and the high cost of living have decreased many Americans’ spending, leading to less disposable income by about 3.3% less than in 2021.

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