Cheap gas, so what does that mean shoppers want when they visit your lot?

We’re a month away from summer…and of course, that’s when consumers really use their vehicles to travel. It’s the perfect timing for a new report from AAA… which says: Cheap gasoline prices are boosting driving demand and 2016 remains posed to be a record year for both gasoline consumption and annual miles traveled.

Now granted, Edmonds says the report does say consumers have seen slightly higher pump prices lately, but today’s average price of $2.14 per gallon is the lowest for this calendar date since 2009.

A spokesperson for the company told Edmunds, “consumers continue to save on the year, with today’s average discounted by 39 cents per gallon compared to this same date last year.” In fact, the report says drivers are expected to pay some of the lowest gas prices for the summer months in more than a decade.

As this relates to what consumers want on your lot, shoppers are trading in their hybrids and EVS for fuel-efficient compact crossovers, signaling that fuel economy is still somewhat of a priority.