What do you do when you have to change your TV and radio advertising because of the political ad frenzy?

Unless you have lived on another planet the last year or have been buried under a rock, you might have noticed all of political ads that are currently running on TV and radio…and unfortunately, it’s going to get worse.

Being right in the middle of the election season, means more political TV ads and less auto ads. And it’s not your fault, says Jon Swallen, Kantar’s Media Chief Research Officer. He told the wall street journal, “the auto advertisers eventually get priced out of the market and cannot buy as much inventory as they want to, or are used to.”

So, we have several suggestions instead. First, rely more on Facebook, not just with posts but actual ads. Facebook not only has 1.49 billion monthly active users, but it’s a great place for paid advertising and getting information out (quickly) and to a wider audience…with a marketing push to get more eyes on your website.

Secondly, take advantage of growing your database using landing pages on your website. They can feature forms that encourage customers to give contact and other information in exchange for receiving coupons, the dealership newsletter or more information about your services.

And third, ramp up your dealership’s email marketing. It should already be regular and consistent with solid, useful information, but now’s the perfect opportunity to really showcase high-quality and highly-engaging content.